Q. Is this a free phone number?
A. Yes, it is free and it is available 24/7

Q. Will my child be in trouble with the authorities if they run away?
A. Running away is not an offence, your child’s safety is of paramount importance if they run away, so it is important to contact the Gardaí

Q. When can I report a child missing?
A. There is no minimum timeframe to wait before reporting a missing child to the Gardaí.  We suggest that you contact the Gardaí as soon as possible.

Q. Is 116 000 for parents only?
A. No, parents, other family members, professionals and children can all call 116 000 in relation to a missing child.

Q. Is 116 000 confidential?
A. Yes, you can call 116 000 without giving your personal or identifying details and your call will remain confidential.  When a caller gives identifying information about a young person who is in danger, the ISPCC will pass this information to the relevant authorities.