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The Central authority of Ireland

The Central Authority of Ireland

The Conventions and the Regulation relating to the abduction and custody of children provide for the establishment of a Central Authority in a "contracting state" that is a party to them, including Ireland, to administer the various procedures involved. The Central Authority assists persons to avail of the provisions of these international and EU instruments by:-
  • Assisting with the completion of an application form
  • Arranging for a translation if necessary
  • Transmitting the application to the corresponding foreign central authority
  • Monitoring the progress of the application
  • Attempting to discover the whereabouts of the child where appropriate

What about children abducted from other contracting states to Ireland?

The Irish Central Authority provides similar assistance to an applicant abroad whose child has been removed to the State. The services of lawyers, if required, are provided by the Legal Aid Board. An Garda Síochána  provides assistance to the Central Authority in locating missing children.
What will it cost?

The Central Authority does not charge a fee for its services. However, some countries will only cover legal costs to the extent of their legal aid system. In most parts of the USA there is no legal aid system. In such cases efforts are made by the US Central Authority to secure legal representation at a reduced rate or free of charge for persons of limited means.
Expenses incurred in returning a child (e.g. air fares) are not covered.

How do I make an application?

Where a child has been removed from Ireland to a Convention country, an application may be made to the Irish Central Authority or to the central authority in the state to which the child has been removed. An application form for submission to the Irish Central Authority is available.
Where a child is removed from a Convention country to Ireland, an application may be made to the central authority in the state from which the child has been removed or to the Irish Central Authority.

Where is the Central Authority for Child Abduction?

Department of Justice and Equality
Bishop’s Square,
Redmond’s Hill
Dublin 2